5-axis-universal-machining centre HDC fixed table

Do you wish to add an additional machining centre to your production, which doesn´t shrink back from huge, bulky work pieces. Then the HDC machining centre with a fixed table design could fit perfectly in your concept. With available table sizes from:

2.100 mm x 1.200 mm
3.100 mm x 1.200 mm
4.000 mm x 1.200 mm

as well as additional dimensions according to customer wish and a standard load in total from up to 6 tons, this Universal-machining-centre offers all, what is needed to machine big-dimensioned work pieces. And the performance data will be complemented by a maximum interference cycle from up to ∅2.300 mm.

Because time and money are valueable resources, the time factor can be reduced with Keppler machining centres while machining work pieces. With a well thought out technology and an extended Y-traverse path from up to 2.000 mm, it is possible to mill the whole work piece till the edge of the table. So you can save unnecessary set-up time beacuse you don´t have to rotate the table or need to re-clamp the work piece.

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HDC Fixed table
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Product brochure / Traverse path plan