Bed-type milling machines - Universal-machining-centre HDC

Thanks to different types, our new Universal-machining centre offers the flexibility to machine different work piece sizes and types.

The structure of our HDC series was desinged, to offer you the possibility to choose from a wide variety of machine components. With this modularity you can set up a machine which is best fitted for your needs.

For the selection of the drive components our focus was set up to reach a high dynamic. Thereby a corresponding productivity for the size of the machine is guaranteed.

But if you need power, you can choose from a variaty of spindle options. In addition to cover all this machine possibilities, the concept was designed for stiffness.

Our HDC bed-type milling machines are available as follows:

Which requirements do you have when choosing a machining centre?


Through a selection of different HDC base models we offer you enough flexibility to be prepeared for future projects.

Travelling distance HDC series
 X (mm) 2.000 / 3.000 / 4.000
 Y (mm) 1.500 / 2.000
 Z (mm) 1.400

Travelling distance HDC - Z series
 X (mm) 3.000 / 4.000
 Y (mm) 1.500 / 2.000
 Z (mm) 1.400

Travelling distance HDC 1250 series
 X (mm) 1.200
 Y (mm) 1.000
 Z (mm) 1.000


is the basic idea of the setup from our HDC series. For any application requirements you can choose between different milling units:

2-axis-NC-milling head (for simultaneous or positioning mode)
1-axis-NC-milling head (for simultaneous or positioning mode)
Horizontal spindle

To control the machine you can either choose between:

Heidenhain TNC 640 or
Siemens 840 D sl

The tool magazine can be designed with HSK 100 or SK 50
with up to 40 / 60 / 80 tool pockets

*more options on request


In our HDC series big sized ball screw spindles provide rapid traverse speeds and feed rates in all three linear axis from up to:

X (m/min) 27
Y / Z (m/min) 30

Thanks to the rack and pinion drive in the x-axis and the appropriate ball screw spindles in the Y and Z axis, the HDC - Z series reaches rapid traverse speeds with up to

X / Y / Z (m/min) 45

and an acceleration with up to

X / Y / Z (m/s²) 4

The leader in terms of dynamics is the "small" sister of the HDC, the HDC 1250 series with rapid traverse speeds from up to

X / Y / Z (m/min) 50

and accelerations from up to

X / Y / Z (m/s²) 5


Thanks to big dimensioned rail guides in connection with the equipped ball screw spindles / rack and pinion drive, you will be prepeared for future milling tasks with a feed force from up to

Fmax: 15.000 N

In addition to the axis-feed the equipped milling spindle will deliver the requested power

Rotational-speed range (rpm) 1.000 - 16.000

Torque (Nm) 160 - 2.500


The machine bed consists of a stiffness-optimized (FEM calculated) weld construction and offers through a weight reduced ribbing an optimized rate from stiffness to mass. Therefore it is guaranteed, that the load will constantly spread on the fundament.
Machine stand and machining slide are additionally filled with Neopor®. This material grants an additional thermal stability and offers an exzellent damping behaviour.