6-axis-universal-machining centre HDC fixed table with integrated rotary table

Stiffnes and flexibility. Both properties are combined in the Keppler machining centre with a fixed- / rotary table combination.

The advantages to clamp big dimensioned work pieces is supplemented with the flexibility of a rotary table. Therefore you have the possibility to clamp smaller work pieces too, and enjoy the benefits of an additional NC-axis. So you can have savings through the loss of extra clampings.

The machine tables are executed in different sizes. The fixed table is available in the following dimensions:

2.100mm x 1.200mm
3.100mm x 1.200mm
4.000mm x 1.200mm

as well as further dimensions according to customer wish. The standard load of the fixed table is up to 6 tons.

The integrated rotary table with a size of ∅ 1.000mm and a maximum load of 4 tons offer you enough scope to choose the work pieces.

For more details please take a look into the technical details.

HDC fixed- / rotary table
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